Dr. Kavitha Battula is a senior consultant with over 20y of experience in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. For the past 10y, she was in Vijayawada and served women from both the Telugu states. Before this, she worked in various states in India. Her international experience was remarkable. At Aga khan Hospital East Africa she managed women from all over the world. Hence she understands the needs of women from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Her experience is rich, which includes  managing variety of most complicated conditions. Her decision-making skills are unique where she knows thoroughly when to intervene and  when not.

She is passionate about doing laparoscopic surgery in challenging situations. She does manage subfertile couples. She insists on early recovery surgeries especially for women needing fertility enhancing surgeries.

She works in liaison with her team in managing life-threatening emergencies to have a good outcome. She runs the extra mile in coordinating and communicating with a multidisciplinary team for women needing critical care. She stresses much on preoperative preparation and post-operative care in avoiding complications related to surgery in high-risk women.

Above all, she takes a special interest in counseling women and their families about their condition. She gives much importance to emotional health, along with lifestyle conditions.