The part of conceiving an offspring, yet the cycle that prompts it is anything but a miracle of its own. With an ever growing population and lesser knowledge about the risk involved, many families are daily falling prey and missing on their miracles. Here at Anu My Baby, we have accumulated a lot of expertise in high risk pregnancies and neonatal care into consideration. Making it our central goal to convey your wonder securely into your arms. We have likewise made a few strides further in giving our experts state of the art technology for ideal results.

Anu My Baby Exclusive Services

  • High Risk Pregnancy Care

  • Health Packages

  • Fertility Enhancing Surgeries

  • Preventive Health Care

  • Painless Delivery

  • Luxury Birth Suits

  • Water Birth

  • Family Planning Services

  • High End Infertility Services

  • Advanced Laparoscopy Services 

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