High Risk Pregnancy


The state-of-the-art infrastructure at Anu My Baby Hospital is well-equipped and led by an experienced team of dedicated professionals to provide the best possible care for every type of high-risk pregnancy situation.

High-risk Pregnancy Factors Covered:

Medical Conditions that exist before pregnancy

 – High Blood Pressure

 – Diabetes

– Lung, Heart & Kidney Problems

– Neurological Diseases

– Auto-immune Diseases

– Sexually Transmitted Diseases

– Malignancy

– APLA Syndrome

Conditions that occur during pregnancy

– Preeclampsia

– Gestational Diabetes

– Mutltiple Gestation (Twins, Triplets)

– Placenta Previa

– Placental Abruption

– Congenital Malformations

– History Of Miscarriages

High Risk Labour

Preterm Labour


Obstructed Labour

Prolonged Labour

Shoulder Dystocia

Retained Placenta

Inversion Of Uterus

Rupture Of Uterus

Perineal Tear


Post Partal Haemorrage