Some of the Risk factors for high risk pregnancy that most of you aren’t aware of and which could cause a lot of complications for an untrained eye and could lead to High-risk labour :-

  • Maternal age – extreme ages (age under 17 or over 35), Medical conditions that exist before pregnancy, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Lung, heart, kidney problems, Neurological diseases, Auto immune diseases, Sexually transmitted diseases, Malignancy, APLA syndrome.
  • Conditions that occur during pregnancy – preeclampsia, Gestational diabetes, Multiple gestations ( twin, triplets), Placenta Previa, Placental abruption, Congenital malformations, History of previous miscarriages.
  • Under High Risk Labour category – Preterm labour, CPD, Obstructed labour, Prolonged labour, Shoulder dystocia, Retained placenta, Inversion of the uterus, Rupture of the uterus, Perineal tear, Post partial hemorrhage.
  • Our experts with years of experience under their belt are well versed and equipped with the state of the art tech formaking sure you go through a seamless process and enjoy the most precious periods of your life.

A to Z guide into pregnancy tests.

How to know if I could be pregnant?

The anticipation made by this inquiry, the pressure from your spouses, family, and your own thoughts are killing you. The inquiry can be set off by numerous occasions and episodes. You had unprotected sex. You have not utilized any contraception techniques. Your periods are absent. Your body is acting uniquely in contrast to normal. You are encountering early pregnancy indications and signs. This inquiry brings tension, interest, fervor, and some of the time pressure as well. You need to find the solution as quickly as time permits. This aide gives insights concerning every one of the tests including home pregnancy test, clinical pee pregnancy test, pregnancy blood test, and ultrasound/sonography check test.

How do the pregnancy tests work?

With the exception of the ultrasonography test, this load of tests works on identifying the chemical called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This chemical is just found in the body during pregnancy. Around six to twelve days after treatment, a prepared egg appends to the mass of a lady’s uterus. The cells of the treated egg produce hCG which develops quickly in your body. It copies each 2 to 3 days in the initial not many long stretches of pregnancy arriving at a pinnacle level by 8-12 weeks. Pregnancy tests identify this chemical in pee and blood.

When would it be a good idea for me to take the pregnancy test?

You can take a test any time after your period is late – that is the point at which they work the best. You’ll probably get exact outcomes from a pregnancy test one day after your first missed period. Nonetheless, it’s ideal to stand by somewhere around seven days after your missed period, to be certain that you get the most precise test outcomes. The Pregnancy test is done before a missed period normally gives less precise outcomes. Some of the time a pregnancy test can discover pregnancy chemicals in your pee as right on time as 10 days after unprotected sex. In any case, these outcomes aren’t really solid, and you may get a bogus positive or bogus negative test outcome.

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Early Pregnancy symptoms – Signs that you might be pregnant

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Early pregnancy symptoms & signs

Whether you were trying to have a baby or just wondering if you were pregnant. Here are 10 early pregnancy symptoms & signs.

  1. Missed or deferred period

Does missing your period mean you are pregnant? A deferred period is considered as the soonest and most clear pregnancy manifestation. After origination, the body begins creating and delivering the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) pregnancy chemical to keep up with pregnancy. This chemical makes an impression on your ovaries advising them to quit delivering eggs each month and that is the manner by which your period will not be showing up at the normal time.

You should realize that few out of every odd deferred period implies you are pregnant. There are a lot of clarifications for your missed period other than pregnancy. You may have been physically inert, as yet taking pills or quit taking them as of late. Stress, weakness, quick weight gain or misfortune, and hormonal issues are different opportunities for a missed period.

In the event that your period isn’t standard, or you weren’t shipping your feminine cycle month to month, the accompanying signs can show up before you notice your deferred period.

  1. Light draining or spotting

For any lady who is intending to get pregnant, seeing any draining can be frustrating. It very well may be confused with a period dying. On the off chance that the spotting is lighter than expected, it very well may be an implantation dying. It happens when the treated egg connects to the uterine coating.

  1. Food Cravings…

Food cravings are abrupt cravings to eat a particular sort of food. They can influence any lady during pregnancy and the hankering can be for remarkable sorts of food. Numerous ladies depict it as an abrupt desire to eat surprising food blends including those that they ordinarily don’t care for by any means. In contrast to yearnings, food repugnance is feeling queasiness or ailment for some sort of food.

  1. Emotional Episodes or Mood Swings.

One of the normal early pregnancy indications is emotional episodes. Encountering extraordinary feelings or out of nowhere falling in tears for reasons unknown are different results of hormonal changes of pregnancy. Relax, it is absolutely typical and can be identified with pressure or different components.

  1. Weakness/Fatigues.

Feeling tired constantly? indeed, even depleted, out of nowhere, doing negligible endeavors? It tends to be a pregnancy side effect. As the body goes through numerous progressions in anticipation of conveying a child, weakness sets in. It’s a vague early indication of pregnancy. The quickly expanding level of the progesterone chemical additionally causes strange drowsiness.

  1. Vaginal release/discharge.

In the primary long stretches of pregnancy, a few ladies notice a smooth thick vaginal release. In the beginning phase of pregnancy, the vaginal dividers thicken, and the vaginal emissions increment to shield the child from contaminations. Non-related with tingling or copying (indications of disease), this vaginal release may be an indication of pregnancy. In the event that you feel tingling or consuming, you should counsel a specialist, it tends to be an indication of a disease that needs treatment.

  1. Excessive Urination.

On the off chance that you begin going to the restroom more regularly than expected, that may be an indication of pregnancy. Expanded pee is an early indication of pregnancy that shows up not long after origination. The developing uterus and the hormonal changes cause your bladder to fill all the more rapidly prompting continuous pee. Ensure you stay hydrated.

  1. Weariness or Fatigue.

Feeling tired constantly? indeed, even depleted, out of nowhere, doing negligible endeavors? It tends to be a pregnancy indication. As the body goes through numerous progressions in anticipation of conveying a child, weariness sets in. It’s a vague early indication of pregnancy. The quickly expanding level of the progesterone chemical likewise causes strange tiredness.

  1. Breast changes. The rising degree of chemicals identified with pregnancy causes bosom affectability and touchiness. It is the main actual indication of early pregnancy. It is felt as the weight or delicacy of the bosom. This indication shows up ordinarily in the main trimester of the pregnancy and diminishes normally following a little while. You may likewise see the region around your (areola) getting hazier, it is additionally because of hormonal changes.
  1. Morning queasiness / Nausea.

A long time after origination, a few ladies experience morning queasiness or ailment. Morning queasiness is an early indication of pregnancy that can happen even prior to seeing that the period is absent. The rising estrogen in the body causes this evil inclination. Most ladies are mitigated by the fourteenth seven day stretch of pregnancy, while for other people, it perseveres all through all the pregnancy.

  1. Obstruction / Constipation.

Another motivation to fault chemicals is a blockage. The expanded levels of the progesterone hinder the assimilation and, thusly, cause obstruction.

*Important observations.

There are a lot of other early pregnancy side effects and signs like cerebral pains, windedness, wooziness, blacking out, affectability to specific scents. A significant number of them can continue during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy like temperament changes, expanded pee, weakness, food longings, and abhorrences.

These indications may contrast in quality or seriousness. A similar lady may have an alternate involvement in various signs in each pregnancy. You can in any case not be experiencing none of these indications of early pregnancy and be pregnant. A few ladies don’t sort out they are pregnant from the main weeks, it can take them months to know.

· Needless to say the above is just for informational purposes only, it is good to check in on yourself but it is also always recommended and advised to consult a doctor before taking any medical decisions.

· Our 24 hours support staff is always ready to attendant the call and clarify any misconceptions and connect you with the doctor specialized in the field, to ensure optimal results and minimizing the risks at an earlier stage.

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What is straightaway the next step in the event that I had early indications of pregnancy?

 Even in the wake of perusing every one of the clarifications of these early pregnancy indications and signs, you’re as yet not certain of your pregnancy, there is one best way to be affirmed, the pregnancy test. With the exception of the ultrasonography test, the wide range of various pregnancy tests measures the degree of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) which is the pregnancy chemical.

Peruse the pregnancy test guide article (LINK TO A TO Z test article above), which gives more definite data on pretty much all the potential tests you can require to affirm your pregnancy. In the event that you have any questions, you should counsel the pregnancy specialist, you can pose inquiries and find every one of the solutions you need and ensure everything is okay. The specialist will give you all the data you need for your pregnancy and assists you with anticipating it. You can likewise have counsel about your self-care. Book an arrangement to talk with the specialist.

Could these signs be premenstrual conditions?

A significant number of early indications of pregnancy can be confused with the premenstrual disorder (PMS). In the last 50% of a lady’s period, Premenstrual disorder can happen. It’s a mix of mental and actual unsettling influences that end with the period stream. These indications are weariness, temperament swings, stress, bosom delicacy, and touchiness. You may see that these signs can be basically the same as those accomplished in early pregnancy. They are not explicit and the best way to recognize them is to take a pregnancy test. The appearance of a period is an affirmation of premenstrual condition.

The premenstrual condition can be unique in relation to cycle to cycle and, similar to the early indications of pregnancy, every manifestation can fluctuate in terms and seriousness from a lady to another. Regardless of whether you are having early indications of pregnancy or simply encountering the premenstrual condition, deal with your pressure, dietary changes, and medicine.

* Here are some tips and counsel to keep in mind.

  • Some early pregnancy indications and signs can cause distress. There are some acceptable self-care tips and solutions to assist you with easing disagreeable side effects.
  • Avoid liquor, cigarette, and medications. They are not useful for you and for your developing child.
  • Keep your weight constrained by following a reasonable eating routine. You can counsel the specialist to perceive what is useful for your pregnancy.
  • The two PMS and early indications of pregnancy need enthusiastic help.
  • Eat little successive dinners to battle queasiness. Also, ensure you are all around hydrated.
  • Wear an agreeable bra that could uphold your sensitive bosoms.
  • Keep away from obstruction by eating strands. Have a decent amount of leafy foods in your suppers.
  • Once pregnant, don’t take any prescriptions without talking with your PCP. Numerous anti-infection agents and drugs are protected during pregnancy, however, you should see the specialist to affirm it.

    Early care if you’re pregnant.

                                 Once you’ve known that you have been blessed with a miracle, it is absolutely crucial for you to follow the following tips for lesser complications and a healthier baby.

    1. Avoid any kind of stress, and being calm is crucial for both the baby and the mothers’ health. Surround yourself with positive people, emotional and physical support should always be close by.
    2. One of the significant pregnancy care tips is to utilize folic corrosive, as ahead of schedule as could really be expected, even before pregnancy and as long as 12 weeks of pregnancy. The suggested portion of folic corrosive is 400 micrograms each day. The utilization of folic corrosive has been displayed to lessen the event of birth imperfections of the mind, spine, or spinal line of your child. On the off chance that you are at a higher danger (for example recently influenced kid, ladies with epilepsy, diabetes, and corpulence), a portion of 5 micrograms each day is suggested. Kindly counsel the pregnancy specialist to know more insights regarding recurrence and the amount of folic corrosive you need to take.
    3. A healthy eating routine is also a must, as your energy and the energy you are going to pass on to your child would be coming from what you consume. This goes without saying as Alcohol and smoking are very harmful. Helpless nourishment in pregnant ladies may prompt the conveyance of low birth weight children. Working on the wholesome status and maternal weight can have an incredibly beneficial outcome on the birth result. For a mother to be, a weight gain of around 11 to 16 kg is viewed as great during pregnancy. You ought to devour an extra measure of nutritious food to accomplish the weight acquire. A nutritious, even eating regimen incorporates, food sources wealthy in protein, dairy food sources (which supply calcium), boring food varieties, and a lot of products of the soil that supply nutrients and fiber. It is ideal to keep away from a ton of sweet, pungent, or greasy food sources. Food, for example, half-cooked meats and eggs, pates, delicate cheeses, shellfish, crude fish, and under sanitized milk ought to be kept away from. Such food is an expected wellspring of certain microorganisms that could prompt unfavorable pregnancy results. Along these lines, practice good eating habits and nutritious food. Counsel the Gynecologist for more exhortation on the type and recurrence of the food you need to take. One of the sound pregnancy care tips is to eat nutritious food and have an even eating regimen.
    4. Assistance for preexisting medical conditions – During the early time of pregnancy, the creating child, placenta, and other physiological changes produce and delivery expanding amounts of chemicals and different substances into the maternal flow. These trigger a course of occasions that change the mother’s heart, lungs, and kidneys. Lung or cardiovascular conditions, hypertension may get influenced. A constant maternal illness may confine fetal development. You may have counseled your primary care physician about this before your pregnancy. Yet, now and again things may get awful after your pregnancy. Counsel the Gynecologist promptly in the event that you do have such issues. The specialist will take care of you to sort things and guidance for a sound pregnancy.

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    1. Avoid Traveling to long distances as it’s a tricky feat to pull off, that said daily walks and do the stretches your doctor suggested to keep the blood circulating, contact your doctor if there are no other means but to travel, always have all your documents with you and educate yourself properly on what all is required for a pregnant woman while traveling, only you know you better so make sure your comfortable and be cautious. Staying in touch with your doctors had been easy with our App. Make sure to download it before and during the journey of childbirth.

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    1. One of the most untouched and also the most questioned doubt is about Sexual relationships during this period. India is closed to such open topics we have decided to open a few eyes on the topic –>It is completely OK to have a normal physical relationship with your partner during early pregnancy. There are no restrictions or proven pros or cons regarding sexual relations during pregnancy. Sex during pregnancy does not harm the baby. The amniotic sac and the strong muscles of the uterus protect the baby, and the thick mucus plug that seals the cervix helps guard against infection. If you have a normal, low-risk pregnancy, sexual stimulation or orgasm cannot start labor or cause a miscarriage. Some women may experience a reduction in their sexual drive due to pregnancy-related medical conditions like nausea, vomiting, and breast pain. Some may feel more desire due to hormonal changes in the body. Both conditions are normal and need not worry about. Remember, that there’s more to physical intimacy than sex. If you don’t feel like having sex or your practitioner has advised you not to, you can still hug, kiss, and caress each other. There are a few circumstances that may lead to modifying your sex activity or refrain from sex altogether during all or part of your pregnancy. One of the pregnancy care tips is not to hesitate or feel shy about asking about your sexual relations and desires to your doctor. If you have cramping during or just after the sex which doesn’t go away after a few minutes, or you have pain or bleeding after the sex, consult the doctor immediately. Have a comfortable and a safe sex and do not get too creative. Let your partner know if anything feels uncomfortable.