Anesthesia & Critical Care

Critical Care specialists at Anu Hospitals are dedicated to ensuring the survival of the most critically ill patients. Trained in the best of institutions around the world these dedicated specialists work 24*7 to revive critically ill patients. They also manage critical care units efficiently, ensuring that the whole team of doctors, nurses and paramedics work together, using strict protocols to minimize infections, complications and ensure speedy recovery. Providing Critical Care including advanced procedures like invasive, non-invasive ventilation, invasive monitoring and CPR, acute trauma care, Poisoning and all Medical Emergencies.

Department of Anesthesia & Critical Care

Critical care, as the name suggests is critical in survival of any seriously ill patient. These patients need the treatment decision of well-experienced doctors, monitoring by high-tech equipments, and care by experienced and empathetic staff. And the critical care facility of Anu institute of Neuro and Cardiology Sciences is a perfect mix of all these.

The intensive care unit has specially trained staff, which includes doctors, surgeons, Anaesthesiologists, assistants, specialists, dieticians and nurse practitioners. The team of doctors and other support professionals in the intensive care unit are trained at elite medical institutions and have extensive experience in managing all kinds of critical clinical conditions across age group of patients.

Anaesthesiologists provide pain relief from ongoing conditions like cancer or chronic pain. They work in operating rooms and help control pain during and after your surgical procedure and treatment. They are specialists who provide medicines and care to prevent you from experiencing intense pain; if it’s necessary, they will induce sleep during a surgical procedure. Before surgery, the anaesthesiologist will meet the patient and evaluate their medical condition, and this will allow them to create a plan for the surgery and also take into account the various needs of the patient. After the surgery, they will be responsible for the patient’s care while reversing the effects of anesthesia. They also ensure that the patient is comfortable while recovering from surgery.

We also have trained physicians guided by the senior doctors who are available at the critical care ward round the clock to closely observe the patients with critical illness till they recover.

Our Doctors

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